Human Capital Management

Human resources has moved beyond hiring, payroll, and benefits administration. AEI knows what successful human capital management looks like.
Plan, Recruit and Nurture Talent

Put people at the heart of your business.

Managing the full worker lifecycle—from staffing to compensation—using a single intuitive human capital management system.

The right people, in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

Human capital – the capabilities, talent, and skills of the individuals who carry out the work of the organization – is the critical factor in achieving organizational success. An effective human capital strategy is needed to provide the right mix of talent when and where it’s needed. Our practitioners bring a hands-on, collaborative, yet analytic, approach to providing holistic solutions in a way that creates impact on organizational performance and results today and into the future.

AEI has a talented team of human capital consultants to include:

  • Human capital strategists
  • Human capital practitioners
  • Human resource data analysts
  • Organizational development professionals

Strategic Workforce Planning

Using a customizable proven approach to strategic workforce planning ensures there is alignment between the people and business strategies needed both in the short term and long term.

Career Path Definition and Mapping

A major part of retaining and growing individuals within an organization is providing employees with a clear picture of their opportunities for career growth and development.

Competency Modeling

Successfully matching specific people to specific roles, while recognizing that the requirements of those roles continuously change and evolve is the hallmark of our practical and efficient competency modeling approach.

Performance Management

The design or redesign of an effective performance management system must align with the organization’s mission, strategic direction, objectives, and culture. The performance management process must also be a practical and easy to understand and use system in order to provide an accurate picture of employees’ performance.

Succession Management

Building and sustaining a successful organization over the long term requires systematic evaluation of the organization’s talent pipeline to include identifying mission-critical positions, the competencies required for those positions and determining the best methods to ensure the organization has a healthy pipeline of talent to meet current and future needs.


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