Leadership Development & Coaching

Transforming the way we think and feel, how we behave and respond to challenge, expands potential, raises accountability and initiates paradigm shifts of perspective, performance and possibility.
Transformational Leadership

Training designed to develop a leadership style that integrates performance and purpose and builds authentic leaders.

AEI has provided leadership coaching to over 500 SES and senior managers, frontline managers, and emerging leaders.

We offer stand-alone coaching as well as coaching that supports an organization’s leadership program. AEI works with each client to custom design a program that will have the most significant organizational impact within the agency’s budget. In addition to one-on-one coaching, our programs include launch events to highlight the benefits of coaching programs, 360 assessments, self-assessments, organizational assessments, and closeout reports that summarize key themes in the organization that can be used to as part of overall organizational improvement efforts. 
Our coaching is based on four fundamental principles:

1. Confidentiality is key.

Participants must be free to discuss whatever personal or organizational issues they see as barriers to their success. Coaches never reveal the results of individual coaching sessions.

2. Change comes from within.

Although our coaches assist participants to establish development plans and suggest areas for improvement, our primary focus is to help participants see for themselves where they need to improve, and how to do it. Only when a commitment to change is internalized does real change happens.

3. Real learning comes from real practice.

Each organization has its own culture and its own expectations for employees. Our coaches emphasize development plans that focus on practicing different approaches, tracking progress, and evaluating relative levels of success.

4. An effective program promotes continuous learning.

The most successful coaching programs result in both individual and organizational improvements. In addition to one-on-one sessions with participants to support individual growth, AEI prepares an organizational summary of high-level themes for the sponsor of the coaching program to support organizational improvement.

The International Coaching Federation certifies many of our coaches, and some of them are former Federal SES and senior managers. Our coaches conduct a variety of assessments, and hold coaching sessions face-to-face, by telephone, and by web-based media. Our standardized coaching process has a very strong success rate in matching coach to participant, which helps to ensure successful completion of the coaching engagement while reducing agency costs.


AEI provides clients with leadership development programs, which bring out the best in leaders.

Since 2012, AEI has partnered with a variety of commercial and government organizations to enable leaders to accelerate performance in alignment with organizational goals with sustained measurable results.  Leaders learn to communicate, delegate, and follow through effectively, to help the team deliver business results and develop group capacities and strengths.


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